Sunday, September 18, 2011

Roasted Tomato Soup

I went visiting teaching to a lady at church and her husband was making salsa.  He told me his trick - he grills the tomatoes first.  It was unbelievably good.  So the next day I threw these tomatoes on the grill to try it myself.  Normally I don't rush into things I'm not quite sure about but I was tomato-ed out and didn't really mind if they didn't turn out.  

I also decided to grill some garlic cloves.  Uhm, yum!  Luckily none of them fell through and disappeared into the flames. 

I threw all of the roasted tomatoes into this bowl when I was done.  Use a hot pad while transporting them inside.  I ran them through my Roma Strainer. But then something interesting happened.  
I didn't make salsa.  I was out of cilantro (again).  I ended up with about 5 quarts of tomato sauce/juice so I grabbed the Canadian Steak Seasoning I get at Sam's Club -  I hear the new brand isn't as good as the Tone's Brand. Add 1 tsp per quart.  Anyway, I added 1 chopped onion (I even ran it through the food processor because I wanted the pieces smaller).  Add 1 chicken bullion cube per quart. Then it needed a few more tsp of salt - salt to taste.  It was amazing!  I ate 3 bowls worth.  I can't stand Campbell's tomato soup - it's too bland and I'm allergic to wheat.  This however was a delight for my taste buds.  Make some and you'll see. 

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