Sunday, September 18, 2011


Not a gardening post but I had to anyway.

One letterman's jacket.  At Bartlett High in Anchorage, Alaska I lettered in Drama.  You had to participate for 2 years to letter.  My favorite part was Dream Laurie in Oklahoma. I also lettered in Swimming.  I would have been in several AP classes my Junior year but that didn't happen. Then between my Sophomore and Junior year we made the trek to Utah.  Home is where the Army sends you, after all.  I went from a class of 650 students to a whopping 37 students at Dugway High in the middle of the Utah desert.  I lettered in Choir - I even got to be Choir president.  I lettered in Track.  And I got to participate in Honors Math via TV with a class in Tooele.

I received a bit of a scholarship to Weber but went to BYU Idaho instead. I wanted to be further away to clear my head and stand on my own two feet.  That choice had nothing to do with family.  Dugway-ites know why. Best thing I ever did.

And here you can see my Sterling Scholar pin.  

Proof that this is my jacket. 

A friend of mine has a son going to Bartlett.  They just had homecoming week.  I realized that it's been 20 years since I attended my first Bartlett Homecoming.  What?! 

At Bartlett they gave you your letter with a certificate.  At Dugway you had to purchase your letter and since the shop was so far away I never did.  I'd already spent a bundle on this jacket. I need to get this dry cleaned but it's only going to hang in my closet.  huh.  If I'd saved the certificates I would have ripped everything off and had it framed.  

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