Thursday, August 25, 2011

Roma sauce maker

This roma strainer makes life easier.  Who am I kidding?  Growing Roma's from seed and then protecting them from pests, oh and then washing and cutting them is never the easy way.  But this does make that choice easier.  You don't have to parboil them or anything.  Just pick vine ripe tomatoes, quarter them, and smash them into this strainer.  It will send the seeds and skins out one way and the delicious parts of the tomato out the other side.  I know it looks gross but it makes for delicious spaghetti sauce and maybe next time I'll try and make pizza sauce.  

Just so you know my five year old helped me turn this while I smashed the tomatoes. He had a great time! One of these days I will decorate that big empty wall over the stairs.  In the meantime I'm busy gardening.

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rmgales said...

I want this. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I'm picturing myself making sauce for spaghetti. My grandson would love to help me with this machine. What other neat gadgets do you have that I need to add to my gardening list. So glad I found your blog, lol.