Monday, September 19, 2011

Harvest Monday - September 19th

Right now I have 3 peaches on my peach tree.  Because it's still so new I still purchase my Early Elberta peaches in Brigham City at Grammy's.  We purchsed 1 1/2 bushels. They even gave me a 5% off card to use anytime I go there. The peaches are bigger this year than I ever remember.  They need to sit for a few days. My house smells amazing. My husband is looking forward to eating them - like every morning on his cereal or with ice cream once in a while.  

We also picked a 1/2 bushel of apples at my mom's house.  She gave me the square foot garden off her back porch since they are getting ready to sell the house.  It's 16 feet long and fits with about a foot to spare in my row garden.  I'll share a photo when I get the soil added in. 

The other day when I grilled the tomatoes I cut the core out of the heirlooms and saved the seeds in this bowl. I've never saved tomato seeds before.  I've saved onion seeds but that's it.  I think it's something great to learn.  

Then I put them in this metal strainer of mine and ran luke warm water over them.  

Then I spread them out on paper towels.  When they were nearly dry I scraped them off with a spoon and put them on some old plastic ware lids to finish drying.  I really want to see if I can get a few to grow before I freak out in the spring because nothing is growing.  And I'm excited to make a few seed packets in Adobe Illustrator - uhm and peach canning labels. I saved the Red Beefsteak and the Pink Brandywine.

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Veggie PAK said...

Wow! The peaches look great! I saved seeds this year as well. I read that if you want to test for viability, put a paper towel on a dinner plate, wet it so it is moist, place just a few seeds on it spaced out a little, then cover it with another damp paper towel for a few days. Don't let them dry out. Keep moist, not wet. Check in a few days to see if any have sprouted. If so, you have a good batch of seeds.