Sunday, May 15, 2011

Local Happenings

We drove up the Canyon with my in-laws and my husband jumped out and took a photo of this.  They haven't seen the spillway like this since 1983 when all of the floods happened. I was either in Panama (the country) or Alabama at the time but I am too lazy to try and figure it out right now. It's been much warmer since this photo and I'd like to see it again.  
At least one this is for sure, they have learned from 1983 and they built up the sides of the river banks in town. And they sand bagged.  It's seeping out into the fields now and they are having to sand bag homes farther away from the river now but at least its happening slowly.  It's amazing to watch and I am grateful we live up on the hill and that the snow near us melted slowly so that we didn't get mudslides. It's been a crazy spring.

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