Monday, May 16, 2011

Transplanting Tomatoes and those blue green garden ghosts

I hate filling Walls of Water.  I do.  They work so well that I have to.  This year has been so wet and cold that I was nervous about trying to get my tomato plants used to the outside weather.  The nice thing about these is that they prevent sunburn, they warm the plants and the ground around them, prevent hail damage, and they let you plant your tomatoes earlier than normal giving their roots a chance to really grow.  I plant them sideways in a trench filled with a hand full of egg shells.  I had an entire gallon bag saved and it was nearly gone in two days. The egg shells prevent blossom end rot (the black rotten bottom on the bottom of the tomato that forms when there is a lack of calcium).  I planted 12 early girl tomatoes - great for canning.  And then 7 roma tomatoes.  And lastly 1 dill.  Romas don't need cages but the early girl tomatoes do. I started them inside.  My supplies cost me about $7 to grow 30 tomato plants from seed.  You can buy 1 tomato plant from the green house for a minimum of $2 on a good sale. That's $60 for 30 tomatoes.  That means I save $53 starting them on  my own. 

The trellis on the end is for peas.  They are just starting to sprout. 

You can see the pipe for the drip line I made here.  I plugged two spots this year to make a wider row for my tomatoes.

And the thing about digital is you can take more photos.  So walk around your garden/plants/etc and take photos from many angles.  You'll be surprised what you thought you'd like and what you actually see.

And here is a great view of the rows.  I can't wait to plant my green beans and lemon cucumbers.

I love this view of the mountains behind the garden.

And my pea trellis is just a cattle panel that I cut the bottom horizontal row off of and stuck it in the ground.

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Jalane said...

Love it! I love that your garden is perfect and beautiful and your view is amazing and your house is beautiful also!! Cant wait to see your garden grow :)