Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Guess who is giving away a seat in my class today?

Y'all remember that I'm giving away this Bundle of Basics tonight during my Photo First Aid class 
LIVE CHAT? Well, it gets even better.  Want to know how?
Becky Higgins is also giving away a seat in my class today on HER BLOG! So head on over there and leave a comment about how much you want that seat in my class along with your name and location.

Oh and sorry, I start talkin' southern when I'm super excited about sumthin'. It's a mixture of the Texas and Alabama in me.

You're today's To-Do list additions:
#1 Leave a comment on Becky's Blog
#2 Add me as a Friend on Facebook
#3 Watch the video to learn how to enter tonight's live chat
#4 Have a wonderful day
#5 Join me at 10pm Eastern on ReneeTV - everyone will win something.

And I promise to share a few garden photos again soon!

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