Monday, May 09, 2011

How to visit my live chat May 11th at 10pm Eastern

If you're like me and you get confused when you get to try something new, then this video is for you.  Step by step simple instructions on how to enter my upcoming LIVE CHATS where I'll preview my upcoming class Photo First Aid and answer your specific questions LIVE!

Join me on ReneeTV May 11th at 10pm Eastern time. We will be giving away several fun prizes during that LIVE CHAT.  Want to qualify?  Just sign in and watch the chat - you'll automatically be entered. 

 If you win a prize, I'll ask you for your email address which you can share with me privately so others viewing the chat will not see it. Make sure you are paying attention or I'll have to give your prize to someone else.

What am I giving away? I'll post photos and links to each vendor later tonight so that you can get familiar with everything before the live chat.

See you May 11th at 10pm eastern on ReneeTV

What does this class cover?  It's a 4 week class and I'll be sharing step by step video and written guides: 

In the first week you will learn how to manipulate the light and color of your images. In week two you will learn professional techniques for retouching faces. In Week Three you will learn how to retouch backgrounds, clothing, and group photographs. And during Week Four you will learn current and classic trends in creating works of art with your photographic images, including sports collages.


Monica said...

I'm on the East Coast so it's a good thing I stay up late, I'm so looking forward to this class.


brenda said...

Thank you again for the live chat last night. I really enjoyed it and the give aways were and extra bonus!! I am looking forward to your class.