Sunday, May 01, 2011

Gorgeous Vegetable Garden Idea

I'm drooling! You can find this and more info about it at This Old House. I can almost see this in my backyard.  One day I'll have a small cement wall built and covered with the same stone on the front of my house.  Then, I would like to add a fence around it like this one - LOVE the gate - oh my.  
Why the cement wall? I'm hoping to keep the voles out and because my backyard is sloped, I want to raise the north end of the garden up to level things out a bit.  Also, I'd like to double the width of my garden. I can just see it - it'll be wide enough to sit on and rest.  I can see the vegetables drooping over the edge.
And here is a photo of the metal fencing used around the garden. They credit the dog with keeping the deer out.  You'll need a 6 to 8 foot fence to keep them out otherwise.  Can you imagine all of the pole beans and other vine crops growing up the south side of the fence? Truly function meets beauty in this garden.

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