Saturday, April 30, 2011

The mini tiller works its magic

So here you can see the first thing I tackled with the mini tiller.  I think I need to get the rake and fix the edges along with using a shovel to tidy them up a bit.  Bit it took out that grass that had invaded about a food in about 20 minutes.  And no, that black rain spout isn't permanent but it'll do for now.

The peas are in the ground.  And I got out the drip line.  I will not turn on the drip line until mid June probably.  Of course lots of people are praying it stops raining around here.  There has been some flooding because of the clay soil and lack of drainage plus the huge snow pack.  I wish people would pray that we'd be blessed with the right amount of rain instead.  

 Here is the view facing east.  First row- garlic, second and third row - big daddy onions. Fourth row - romaine lettuce, white and purple kohlrabi.  Fifth row - columbia cabbage.
 And here is the view facing west.  Sorry about the mountains being blown out. It really is a great view.  Here is the last row - peas.  I set the trellis 2 feet from the property edge to give myself room between the sunflower weeds that grow in the lot next door and my garden.

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