Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Little Project - Jewelry Display

My daughter loves making jewelry.  She makes a lot of the things she has from glass beads.  She also likes to display them on her dresser.  She loves to display everything.  I, on the other hand, prefer everything to be put away in drawers or in a closet.  Too many things on display equals clutter.  So I figured I would make her something cute to display her kids jewelry on.  

The next morning I awoke not only with the desire to find a frame at an antique store that I could repurpose, I also awoke from a dream where my basement flooded.  Good thing it was a dream.  I knew there were a few things on the floor that needed to be cleaned up in a certain closet - stuff I had just not been in the mood to sort when we moved in because I was too sick to care.  Guess it was a good thing - maybe our minds are more aware of things we've forgotten than we realize. So I started cleaning.  It took from 9 a.m. until 12:30 p.m.  I found two frames - one was an 11x14 - the other a 16x20.  I loved the flourish of the 16x20 but it was too big for her room.  

This was quite messed up and in need of something.  So I pulled it apart.
 Lucky for me the back was made of that foam board.  If not, you can cut a piece of foam board. The fabric was from JoAnn's. I also cut an 11x14 piece of fusible batting that I purchased at JoAnn's.

I set my iron to steam and it adhered the batting to the fabric and the board.

Hot glue to the rescue - it's not thick enough board for staples.

I marked the spots for the ribbon.

And then hot glued the ribbon in place.

I even hot glued a piece of fabric to the back but that was after I added the fabric tacks and mini cup holder hooks.

It took quite a few coats but I love how the frame turned out.  I'm ready to spray paint more items around the house.  I used vinyl gloves to protect my hands from drips.
 #210 white upholstery nails from JoAnn's and the Cup Hooks from Lowes.

I placed the cute fabric covered board inside the frame.

And then we placed it on the wall on the beadboard above her Pottery Barn chair.

Some of her glass bead jewelry is form JoAnn's and some from Michael's craft store.

Some of the necklaces are made from washers and scrapbook paper.

So I guess I accomplished two big tasks on one day.  I cleaned out that daunting basement closet and found plenty of things I needed that have been missing for 4 years, items that I could repurpose, and some important paperwork.  I also improved something that I found in that pile in that closet and made it into something that would reduce the clutter on my daughter's dresser and allow her to display her handy work in a beautiful way.  As I've been watching other decorating blogs I've realized the beauty that we can add to our homes on a budget and the importance of creating a beautiful atmosphere for our family to thrive in.


Jalane said...

Im with you on the everything needs to be put aways or it =clutter! What a darling idea! I lOVEit andits so pretty and dainty :)

Mindy Blake said...

So cute and you continue to amaze me! So where do I sign up for the wonder woman homemaker classes? I would like to join the club!