Tuesday, February 01, 2011

It's February 1st!

Gardening Already??? I know, it's 10 degrees today. I just needed to feel a bit better about this weather.

I'm sure many of you are used to buying seeds in these cute little packets.  That's what I grew up with.  That's what we purchased the other day - a few anyway.  They don't have Genovese Basil at the garden store I love.  I labeled the upper left corner with the month and year.  Many of the seeds we buy are good for a few years. There are guides out there to help you on that.

And then I was introduced to Anderson's Seed and Garden.  They sell seeds in bulk.  I get exactly the number of seeds I need for the length of the row I plan to plant.  And it's less expensive. The nice thing is that they have this nifty planting guide divided up into cold plantings, just before frost, after frost, and fall.  Everything on one sheet. Get your copy here! Print and laminate that puppy. No more trying to keep track of dirt covered seed packages.

Here's my little helper.  The lettuce was the easiest for him to plant.  The round kohlrabi and cabbage seeds got away from him. I've never tried these window sill peat starters.
We are going to try them out on the cabbage and kohlrabi, oh and the romaine lettuce.

I had no idea I could plant lettuce so early.  I like the romaine because the deer don't.
It only needs to be 25 degrees. And I love kohlrabi - no bugs like broccoli.  And it's great in stir fry.  And Mike at Anderson's says the purple is more tender.  We shall see...
And here you can see that it's all in the window sill.  We can transplant in about 6 weeks which is when the boxes say to move the starts out. As long as the garden dries out a bit, we can.

I labelled them with painters tape. Nothing fancy.

Don't want to garden this year? It's always a good idea to keep some seeds stored along with your food storage.


Mindy Blake said...

I love Anderson Seed! You are really on the ball!

Kellogg said...

I miss Anderson Seed :( I love Tyler's picture of the bald eagle! Incredible.

Jenn said...

I am in awe of your green thumb. I am also in awe of your mad blogging skills, I just can't keep up!!! But I try.

Thank you, BTW for the wonderful comments of advice and love you keep sending my way

P.S. I love the necklace holder...and how you were inspired to find that frame. Good for you for cleaning when you were prompted to!