Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Family History Blog

I recently started a family history blog for the Christensen and Goff side of the family. Here are some examples below.  On though the blog is private and family members who want to view it must be invited, we only share photos of those who are living and no personal information.  That's why you can't see most of what's written in the pages below. There are links to grave sites and photos of headstones.  There are restored photos and other things that we are working on sharing.

  If you've taken my Photo Preserves class you received a page with all the information you'll need to get started creating your very own Summary Pages.  These pages are chapter markers or the first page before other scrapbook pages about the person's life.  If you'd like to take my photo preserves class it will be offered again soon. You can sign up for a free membership at ReneePearson.com and she'll send you an email when any new classes are available.

If you are family and would like an invite to the blog, let me know.  I'm not quite ready to start any other blogs for other family members because I have had such a great response with this one.  There is a lot to be done - photos to restore - scrapbook pages to make - posts coming out my ears!


Mindy Blake said...

That is so cool Laura! My sister is really into family history. I don't know if you would mind if she took a look at it. If it is okay, just let me know!

Trishelle said...

The hearts of the children will be turned to their fathers...Beautiful! Just beautiful!

MMU said...

A family history blog is such and awesome idea. I am putting it on my list of things to do! I love the pages you shared.