Friday, October 15, 2010

Tidal Pools - Oregon Coast - Good Fortune Cove and Devil's Churn

I remember one of my old roommates from the Washington DC North Mission saying she took her family here on their trip - so we stopped.

And the coolest tidal pools were just around the bend from here heading south.

Now you'll see the anemone's and urchins first.  

You have to venture out where the mussels are clinging to the rocks in order to find sea stars.

Which means you are probably going to get sprayed.

We worked our way over to the beach and saw a few sea stars here and there.

Thanks to my polarizer on my camera, I could see into the water better.

This sea star must be a member of the Boy Scouts of America.

I had to get a few with the kids in the photo too.

We saw very few clinging to the tops of the rocks and mussels. Mostly they were on the sides.

And then we jumped off the rocks onto the beach and hit the jackpot! (Has to be at low tide - get there about 1 hour before it's at its lowest - get a Tide App)

Sea Stars, Urchins, and Anemones

And my favorite - I was standing on the sand here.

Tyler and I holding hands walking along the beach. Photo by my daughter

And the kiddos playing along the water's edge. Love their reflection on the beach too.

These coastal trees really take a beating.

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Jalane said...

How awesome is that!?!? You have me wanted to go there even more! I love all your pictures, thanks for sharing your vacation with me :)