Thursday, October 14, 2010

More Vacation Photos

This is for those of you who are interested in where to go and what to see - and for Trishelle - maybe it will take you back.

If you visit Portland, Oregon you need to take the SCENIC ROUTE to the falls.  Absolutely incredible.  I can't even describe the drive.  And then in the middle of being awed by the scenery we stumbled upon this little gem.  You can't miss it.  You have to drive around it.  The views are breathtaking.  Stop for a few minutes.

Here's the ceiling in this little roadside wonder.

Afterward you cross this bridge as you see Latourel Falls. We hiked down and around and I took this photo.

We saw these ferns and the colorful mushrooms. We took our time as we walked around and enjoyed the little things.  This place really made us slow down.  I was in heaven because I'm usually in a  hurry to get everything done.

Tyler says they remind him of the mario mushrooms.

Then it was Multnomah Falls time. This is the most commercial of the waterfalls. The lodge at the bottom is quaint and has a little gift shop. They even had free fudge tasting.

This is a small part of the beautiful walk along the way.

This up at the top of Multnomah Falls near switchback 10.

This is a panorama made from 3 photos.  Ponytail Falls above Horsetail Falls.
This was my favorite waterfall and probably Haeley's too. Click on any of these photos to see them larger - but especially this one.

To give you some perspective - here you go. That's me with the kiddos.

So there you go.  Some of my favorite details from the Portland area.  I hope to be able to share more photos from our vacation soon mixed in with some photos of life now.  Mount Hood, Beach photos, Aquarium photos, etc.


Love2Short said...

What a cute family! Nice pics.

Trishelle said...

Awwwwwww! Sweet pics, Lady! Thank you muchly!

You certainly do the scenery way better justice than I ever did!