Friday, October 22, 2010

Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport, Oregon

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How cool is this? Wouldn't this make an incredible boys bedroom? All they needed were benches along one side so you could lay down and watch the sharks, fish, bat sting rays, etc. My kids avoided the glass floor in here.
For a lot of this trip I felt like a little kid!  I was so amazed at the aquarium. Part of it was indoor and part of it was outdoor.  If you go, bring a jacket or sweater.  We went on the warmest day of the year and it was chilly in the shade. 

The look of this one was  my favorite. You can see my children walked right on the glass floor here.

Broadnosed Sevengill

Bat Ray

Not as cool as the wide angle lens, but I had to get Tyler in there.

This ray of sunlight was filtering through and this shark swam through just as I clicked the shutter.

We stood inside the piranha tank. There were so many things in this area that I photographed but here is my favorite photo Tyler took of us.

Sea Nettle
Moon Jelly

You can see how little the moon jellies actually are.

Basket Star

The sweet volunteer here was wonderful and talked to us about all the animals in this section.
My daughter said the sea urchin felt like toothpicks. Here it is giving her finger a hug.  

The Sea Stars and Bat Stars were all sort of hard on the outside.  They looked like they could be slimy but the were not at all.  The sunflower star was as soft as those new microfiber fleece blankets.  It's not as pretty but it was my favorite sea star. 

We also attended some feedings while we were there.
First the Sea Otters - they hid their food and rolled over to pull a piece or two out and eat it.

Then the sea lions.

I love a fun silhouette too!

And last the aviary - this one was 2 feet away and quite the show off!

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Mindy Blake said...

That looks like a place my kids would love! As always, absolutely incredible pictures!