Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cannon Beach and Haystack Rock - Oregon Coast

Cannon Beach and Haystack rock.  We were quite a ways away when we finally found a public parking area.  But we walked almost all the way to it. 

Tillamook Rock Lighthouse.  I had no idea what was out there until I saw the brochure with all the lighthouses a few days ago and then this photo.  The mist really made things hard to see, even in nice weather.  It was refreshing to us because it's quite dry where we live.

This town was quite the tourist spot.  Love all the houses.  So different from where we live.
And this was the first time my children have ever seen the ocean.  It was a dream come true for me to take them there.  And they looked everywhere for shells and found mostly mussel shells.

I know, I know. She's in the center but the rocks are in the right and left third.
Daddy rolled up his pant legs so that he could enjoy the water and sand without worry. I photographed him with room to walk in the photo - didn't want it to seem like he was walking into a wall (photo edge).

And I've made this photo my screensaver.  It's a great reminder of a great vacation!

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Trishelle said...

We totally called Haystack 'Goonie Beach'! Since that was, of course, where they filled 'Goonies'.