Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Lighthouses

Yaquina Head Lighthouse about 15 minutes before the park closed.

I took this one because the grass and other plants looked almost red in the sunlight.

If you are lucky enough to be on the Oregon Coast on a sunny day - enjoy the sun setting.
It was beautiful!

Yaquina Head during the day.

A fun photo by Tyler with the wide angle

The stairs inside the lighthouse - starting outside there are 116 stairs to the top.

The light from that one tiny bulb can be seen 19 miles out to see because of the use of prism to concentrate the lights into one beam.

I love details - this was near the top where the other presenter spoke to us.

There were these cool little prisms in the floor above to let light into the area just below the top.  The light was shining through one onto this map - right on the spot - Yaquina Head.  Do you think someone knew that would happen and placed it there?  It was glued down to the table.

You have to be 42 inches tall so my daughter went up with me and then later with Tyler.  My son had to stay at the bottom with one of us.

Now here is the place that inspired this trip.  I only watch blogs of wedding photographers out of state.  One of them photographed a wedding at this bed and breakfast.  This was one of Tyler's favorite spots - the steep cliffs with beach below.  My daughter and I got out here and walked out to the spot where we could photograph the lighthouse which is to the left of this house - which, by the way, used to be the Lighthouse Keeper's home.

Here are the sea gulls looking for sand dollars as the tide rolls out.

And last of all here is Yaquina Head from Cobble Beach.  You have to go and listen to the sound - it's most unusual and fascinating.  We took this photo on Friday as we were headed back home.

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Jalane said...

Oh my gosh how beautiful! I think your pictures make it look even more beautiful :)