Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Blown Glass - Oregon Coast - Seal Rock - Vacation Photos

One of the last things we did before heading to Boise on our way home was to visit a glass blowing shop along the coast.  This shop is a husband and wife partnership with an employee or two.  He creates the vases, glass bowls, and sea floats.  She creates the jewelry, decorations, and other small glass items. They make a great team.

He constantly has to roll this.

Turning it into a vase

He is shaping the bottom and using that little tube to blow air into the vase.

He is changing the color of the glass here.  It has an iridescent coating of glass on it and this makes it really show up too.

These are decorative floats

And I would still love one of the short glass pumpkins with the swirly tops.

Believe it or not, my 4 year old son didn't want to leave.
And he loved the safety glasses. He watched him make 2 vases.

I purchased this and need to get a silk cord so I can wear it.

At first I wondered why glass blowing is so popular along the Oregon Coast.  It's a hot business.  There is no need for a/c here.  Just open the doors for a cool breeze year round.

So that's about it! Our one week vacation.  Now I just need to scrapbook it so we can enjoy it over and over again!


Jalane said...

I LOVE the glass pumpkins!! Was it expensive?

Trishelle said...

Good grief! I miss Oregon!! Watching glass being blown makes you an instant moth to a flame...it's just so beautiful!

Jalane said...

Love Love Love the new look-good job!! :)