Monday, October 18, 2010

Discovering Mount Hood in Oregon

After seeing the falls in the Portland area, my husband had a wonderful idea to visit Mount Hood.  Normally there is year round skiing here but it is a dry year.  We stayed at the 6,000 foot level right at the tree line in the Timberline Lodge.  It was luckily off season with many rooms to select from and great prices. I had the most wonderful meal here too and the chef bent over backwards to meet my food allergy needs. She was amazing and thoughtful. And the food was delicious.  Pork Tenderloin over a potato hash with tomatoes and a chimi churi sauce. I have no idea if I spelled the sauce name right.  I didn't know what half the items were on the menu.

We walked around the next morning for a little bit but we were all a little anxious to see the ocean.

And as you know, I love details. The asters and the fall leaves next to this sign just stood out to me even though the light wasn't the best.

Here is the entrance to the hotel.  They were busy adding the tunnel to the front.  We saw photographs with people skiing over the roof of this place.  Only the top floor can see daylight in the winter.

This is in the back - something you can't see in the winter.

A door in the back of the hotel.  I love all the details. They thought of everything.

Even closer - I loved the iron work here.  This place was built by very skilled craftsmen.

After one night it was off to through the Cascades to Cannon Beach.  This is the only place where the construction stalled our journey.  After about 10 minutes we were able to move on. We reached the summit at 1,600 feet above sea level.  Our house is located at about 4,700 feet above sea level and it's towered over by mountains so we thought that a summit of 1,600 feet was kind of funny. 

We loved the trees and the moss.  I keep saying the word BREATHTAKING but it truly was, especially because we live in the high desert and sage brush just doesn't take my breath away.

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