Sunday, September 26, 2010

Scouting For Moose

The moose hunt is a once in a lifetime thing here in our state so we like to continue to shoot photos instead of the moose. We went out one night for Family Home Evening to enjoy the cooler temps in the mountains.  And see what we could find.
This was at old ephraim's grave - a huge grizzly bear that caused many problems for the sheep, cattle, and people of the valley (well, huge for the lower 48).  I saw this leaf and had to photograph it.  What really makes this photo for me is the shallow depth of field. I love details and this is just one leaf out of many.  I used my cheap old 35-80 mm Nikor lens. This leaf was on a long stalk and stuck way out away from the rest of the plant.  The depth of field allows the stalks in the background to go out of focus and not take away from the leaf while adding a little interest in the background.

Someone placed a monument to the bear here so that people could learn more about the bear and how long it took the people to stop his mass destruction. The rock behind us is as tall as the bear.  His skull is in at the Smithsonian Institute.

The next day my daughter and husband found a small moose.

My daughter photographed him.

And they enjoyed this beautiful sunset on the way home.

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