Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Harvest

For those of you interested in photographing your hobbies, for me that's my garden, here are a few tips.

For this photo I used my 35-80mm lens at f5.6
This is a photo of something as it happened.  I gathered the tomatoes in the bowl and then realized I should check out the cucumbers and there were 4 ready to go.  The bowl was sitting on the grass next to the garden while I filled another with more tomatoes.  I placed the rim of the bowl on the far right of the frame to give it a slightly artistic feel.  Try changing your center of focus a few times and see what you like.

tomatoes and lemon cucumbers in a large stainless steel bowl

I like to leave the scene alone for the most part and just change my place.  I placed him and that cute little bucket he got in preschool in the left 1/3 and moved in close enough so that he was the focus and not the scenery.  He has become quite the helper in the garden. I love his determination in this photo.  He chopped down all the corn stalks for me this year too.

I zoomed in close enough to make him the focus but out enough to take in some scenery.  You can see that my tomato plants are almost done in the area behind him.  If your tomatoes aren't going red you need to turn the water down to the point where the plants begin to wilt.  I have my timer on 30 minutes every 3rd day versus 1 hour everyday during the hot summer months here in the high desert.

And I even let him dump the contents of the truck out onto the kitchen table.

And for those of you interested - now is the time to plant GARLIC! I simply removed the largest cloves from this year's harvest and put them in the ground.  You can sort of see here that my husband tilled before placing them in the ground and instead of a small rectangle I placed them in a line and put the pea trellis up so that when I pull everything else out and have the tractor till the rest my garlic will not accidentally get ruined.  Garlic love bone meal so add some of that in the ground below the garlic. There is nothing like fresh minced garlic.

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Mindy Blake said...

I wish I had a fun camera to play with and actually try the things you are talking about!