Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I Just REALLY Want to Give Something Away!


Ok, here is what you have to do...

You have to comment on this post- only once please, and obviously anonymous comments will not count, and I will pick three - that is 3 - winners. You have a week to leave your comment. Leave your first name, your town and state. You don't even have to be a regular reader of my blog. Anyone can participate!

Since my current scrapbooking pages in Digital Scrapbooking Magazine are about 'Scrapbooking Your Way Through' difficult situations let me know who in your life is an inspiration to you and WHY- just keep it to 2 or 3 sentences please.

The prize will be digital scrapbook related because I started designing again. Let me know if you'd prefer something feminine, masculine, or family.

Hope to hear from you soon! Check back to see who won and I'll get your email info from you then.

Thanks and have a great week!


The Jones Family said...

I have met so many great people and friends throughout my life. I've been inspired, in some way by each of them. Whether it was a new idea that has influenced the course of my life, their strength in tough situations, their testimony or just a smile that made me want to smile more to others. So I quess that would make me either easily impressed or extremely blessed...I prefer the latter. :)

Heather said...

My children are my inspiration. I feel so blessed to be a mom... and on the days I feel grouchy or worn-out, my kids with their pure hearts and happy spirits brighten my day. They help me keep my life and attitude in perspective. Heather...Saratoga Springs...Utah

Marne said...

So many people have inspired me, but right now it is my mom. She has had some difficult health problems and I admire her strength, courage, and positive attitude. It doesn't matter what comes up for my mom, she always has a positive outlook and is looking for the best in others. I love that about her!

If I win, I would love something family oriented. Thanks!

Marne, Meridian, Idaho

Trevor and Amy said...

I have met so many neat people throughout my life, but just recently I have experienced something that I hope nobody will ever have to go through. As a cancer patient, I have realized how blessed I am to live each day and how much I love the little things in my life. It has been other cancer patients that I have met that have inspired me the most. They have made me realize that I too, can get through this and live a normal life. As I sat in the room with the other patients receiving chemo, I realized after hearing their stories how blessed I was to have the cancer that I do and at such an early stage. They have changed my perspective on life in general and given me strength. I am so grateful for my trials in my life after seeing what others have to go through. I think we get so consumed with our own lives, that we don't realize the trials that others may have. This trial has made me want to serve others the way I have been served in my time of need. Thanks Laura for inspiring me to stay positive and realize that things will get better! You definitely give me hope!

Conni Frankl said...

My children inspire me, we should all live like they do! No cares in the world, like each day to the fullest, don't sweat the small stuff, do what ever you want, run in the rain if you want. Laura you are amazing to document your story like this, truely amazing for others!!