Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Another GOOD check up

Today I went for another check up - that once every three months thing. He said because I am at my 2 year anniversary of diagnosis as of April 21st and things are going great so far he wants to stretch it to 4 months between visits instead of 3 but not quite to 6 months, yet. That will be a lifesaver because well, it's always a looooooong wait and the kids get a little nuts by the end of the visit. I tried to explain the importance of the visits and not interrupting my DR to my oldest - CJ doesn't have a clue except that he is bored. They are not terrible, but they really needed to be a lot more quiet. My blood (CBC) test came back normal - just waiting on thyroid, liver, and cancer marker test. I have to admit I was nuts yesterday and this morning awaiting my exams. I will breath another sigh of relief in a few days when I get the rest of the results. In the mean time just put up with me! I am glad it is over and things are still going in a positive direction. I know that doesn't always happen for cancer patients. I never like getting my blood drawn and today it hurt terribly, but that one nurse has a tendency to wiggle the needle around even when it is already in the vein. The Nurses are always terrific. I showed them a copy of the April May 2008 Digital Scrapbooking Magazine and they were so nice. When they saw the full page photo of me one of the nurses said, 'You're prettier than Meg Ryan ever was - hands down!' The rest of the nurses crowded around, 'Wow! look at you!' I tell you what, those nurses are that nice even when I was bald. They always take such good care of their patients. Well, here's to 2 years, a new 'normal', more life, and a better day! Oh and the new cancer center is looking great! I can't wait to see it's completion.

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Trevor and Amy said...

Yeah! I love to hear that it's been two years! I'm so glad everything is normal and you are feeling great! What good news! I hope the other results come back great as well. That's funny about the nurses! They are all so nice! It's people like them that just make this a lot easier!