Monday, July 22, 2013

Helping with the Cancer Foundation - Cache Valley For Hope

I'm the short one right behind the orange water cooler.  Tyler and I left the house at 5:30 a.m. and headed to Trenton to man the station for the Cache Gran Fondo. Cafe Sabor provided breakfast burritos and IHC provided the fruit and bagels. We chopped the oranges so that the cyclists could easily eat them and go. As a group we ladies wrapped breakfast burritos. I helped put forks in all of the fruit cups. I also handed out a bunch of CVFH wrist bands. 

What do we do at Cache Valley for Hope - well, we are all volunteers, even the board, and so none of us get paid.  All of the money we bring in goes to help Cache Valley cancer patients meet their bills.  We pay the bills directly, this helps to make sure the money goes where it should.  We also provide gas cards to cancer patients who must travel long distances.

We even help a little girl whose cancer is so rare she must travel to Philadelphia for treatment.  Her tumors are growing and she is now undergoing chemo which is injected directly into her eyes.  She is so brave and happy.  I feel blessed to know her.  Someone even donates their air miles to her so she can travel each month.

We've paid to replace tires on cars, helped with mortgages and groceries so that cancer patients can put their money towards medical bills and work on healing instead of worrying they will lose everything.  

Of course I can't help but stress that those who have built up a savings account and retirement accounts, have food storage and a garden, and live on less than they earn are always happier and do better than those who have a lot of debt.  

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