Monday, April 08, 2013

Cute homemade cupcakes and birthday invitations for my children

So in this first photo you can see the icing tip that I used and the Green Wilton Color Mist. I love it because it adds to the textured look of the cupcakes, gives them perfect color, AND it is not as bad as eating icing that is full of dye.

So cute, right?

And here is my daughter's invite which I made in Adobe Illustrator with some inspiration from the web.  

And the invitation for my son that I also made with a little inspiration from the web and some old scrapbooking projects.  

I let my children pick out their own balloons this year. They are attached to their chairs at the dinner table. 

My son's green balloons are attached to his lamp in his room but the mylar soccer ball is also at the dinner table. 

This is the party room at the trampoline park.  It was perfect.  The boys sat at the table on the left and the girls sat at the table on the right.  Each child got a moment in the spotlight to open gifts.   

And the cupcakes made it without incident - well, mostly.

And this is the great Wilton cupcake carrier.  It was $11 with the 40% off coupon at Michaels Craft Store.   

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