Saturday, April 06, 2013

Creating Custom birthday cupcake toppers in the Silhouette Studio Designer Edition

This year we combined the birthday party.  It was at a trampoline park.  It was wonderful and enough room for everyone to be in their own space.  The boys spent a lot of time playing dodge ball and basketball while the girls were busy doing all sorts of gymnastics.

The one theme they could agree on was a Parrot theme.  I know it's a stretch but just imagine the bird jumping. Our parrots hop sometimes.  Anyway... I told you it was a stretch.

I drew the parrots in Adobe Illustrator with some inspiration from the web. They are supposed to be a cartoon version of Kiwi and Mambo.  Close enough, right?

I then opened them in the Silhouette Studio Designer Edition software - which I use because I wanted to create my own .svg images and use the print and cut feature.  I then printed them on the sticker paper using my HP printer.

 Next they needed to be cut. After running them through my Silhouette Cameo,  I pealed the birds off the paper.

And I stuck them to some lillipop sticks by Wilton that I picked up at Michael's craft store the other day.

And I added them to the cupcakes that I baked and decorated myself.  Simple and much less expensive than the local bakery and I'm blessed to have the time at home to do all this.

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rmgales said...

How cut is that, and quite a unique theme. I'm a big scrapbooker. I may have to check out that software.