Saturday, March 23, 2013

Take advantage of the few warm days in March to get the garden going again

The snow is almost gone from the grape vine area.  We will need to tighten the wire soon.  The grapes were fertilized in the fall so hopefully they will grow this year.  We have really terrible soil here in this spot.  It's free of rocks which is wonderful but the soil about a foot down is terrible.  It took 4 years for these grape vines to get this big.  The middle one doesn't even reach the wire yet. Not cool! 

The two grape vines on the outer edge are disease resistant.  The one in the middle is not.  All three are red grapes perfect for the table.  I suppose you could juice them as well.  Maybe someday we'll have enough grapes to do a taste test.  My neighbor across the street is Catholic and they were teasing us about our vineyard, wondering what kind of wine we were going to produce.  They know we are Mormon and don't drink alcohol.  They are the nicest neighbors and we all got a good laugh.

I tilled around the Hydrangeas and added the Bluing Formula.  I don't mind the pink blooms. It's just that I really love the blue blooms.  They also got a dose of fertilizer.

You can see the extra propane hose that will need to be buried soon.  We got that for the generator since we prefer having water from our well when the power is out. One step closer.

Here are some before shots of the flowerbeds.  They really look sad.  The plants here will have pretty white blooms.  I can't wait to see them actually bloom over here on the west side of the house. I transplanted these here last spring.  The original plant came from a neighbor.

Between the two Dwarf Burning Bush plants here are a bunch of purple Alliums.

Again the area with the peach tree and then looking down the west side of the house.  

And another side of the flower bed that needs to be cleaned. This area has great looking Black Eyed Susans and a Honeysuckle Bush.  The Honeysuckle Bush also needs to be fertilized. 

My goals this year are to get rid of the black drain pipes AND add river rock.  That will be a huge improvement in our yard. 

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