Friday, March 22, 2013

Parrot Flight Training and Parrots playing fetch caught on video!

Kiwi's wings are starting to do better.  After a trip to the vet and some blood work we learned that he was picking because he was in pain.  His kidney's weren't functioning properly and so he couldn't get rid of the uric acid which builds up in their joints and breaking feathers helped to keep his mind off the pain.  

I have a couple of cute videos with my green cheeks showing off their skills.  Mambo is getting quite good at flying to me and my daughter on cue.  Having a bird that can fly verses clipping their wings is quite wonderful as long as they are trained.  Of course when we adopted Mambo her wings were a little clipped which is actually kind of nice because having a bird fly to the top of 9' cabinets in the kitchen can be a little annoying.  

And of course, I have to share some of Kiwi's skills.  He is feeling much better and moving faster.  He loves playing fetch and I am going to order him his own basketball hoop. Mambo will be learning this trick soon.  I need to get her a ball in another color so they don't fight. 

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jennafer m said...

It's so fun to see how your little feathered friends are doing! I'm glad Kiwi is feeling better. :)