Monday, March 11, 2013

I'm short so I get to hem my new Silver Jeans

So here are my new indigo Silver Jeans. I love them because they are so comfortable to wear and because the pockets don't extend clear down the back of my legs and the stitching on the lateral side creates a sort of cut off making my "mom hips" look smaller. I purchased them along with two denim capris and a blouse on sale at Maurices and the extra $25 off /$100 spent. The price was hard to beat. I've tried dozens of other brands but none are as comfy.  The Suki and the Aiko are my favorite fit.

I have a pair of Silvers that I currently love and had hemmed already.  I placed those jeans on top of these jeans and made the cuff so that I could hem them. 

Then I removed this part of my sewing machine.

And picked out the zipper foot.
 The nice thing about the zipper foot is that you can change which side you attach it on, allowing you to get closer to the original hem of the pants. 

 While I was working on the pants I heard a little scratching and realized that Kiwi had made his way downstairs and crawled up the pant leg to say hello and get some attention.

After hemming I stitched up the medial side of the pants to keep the hem from falling out. If you can serge the hem, you will still need to do this but the cuff will be really small.  

This is the lateral side of the pants and I just stitched up that side as well, still using the zipper foot.

So now you can see that my size 26x31 jeans are still a 26 waist but much shorter leg which I didn't measure because I really don't want to know...

And as you can see, the original hem with the heavy stitching is still there but you have to look hard to see the new hem.

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