Friday, March 01, 2013

Can buying vegetable seeds in bulk save you money? And Mambo's new trick!

This is your typical seed packet.  It's $0.99 for a small package of seeds.

 35 Alaska Pea seeds to be exact

Here are the seeds I purchased for my garden this year: Victory Freezer Peas. Can you see the price written on it? $1.75

I like to buy my seeds in bulk from Anderson's Seed and Garden because they are much less expensive that way. 

Want to see just how much more I get for my money?  Here are a few comparisons.
Here's all the seeds from the packet.  35, I counted.

And here are the seeds from my Anderson's bag.  They have a coating on them to help them germinate and not rot out.  It gives it a little boost.  If you don't like it, you can get it without.

A closer look.  Nope, didn't count these.  

So I could buy the Alaska Pea for $0.99

Or for $0.75 more I could get way more than 70 Alaska Peas. I love the taste of the Victory Freezer Pea (I just kind of piled them up in this photo - spreading them out like in the top photos shows more of the peas). There isn't much difference in production between the two. I like the taste of both. I just prefer the freezer pea because it freezes well and I grow enough peas that we don't eat them all at once.

And of course these tomato seeds were FREE - Pink Brandywine tomato seeds - I harvested them from the tomatoes, rinsed, dried, and stored them.  Heirloom plants are wonderful!

How do you save money in your garden?

Here is Mambo's newest trick. She can flip the card over.  I love how excited she gets about it.  She practically races to the card when I set it down now.

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rmgales said...

I purchase my greenbeans & peas in bulk, but everything else I buy the packets. I'm going to try saving seed from my heirloom tomatoes this year. How do you store your seeds, in a container or packet?