Wednesday, February 27, 2013

After only four days in our home here is Mambo's first parrot trick

Just a reminder.  We adopted Mambo 4 days ago.  She is about a year old. The first day we had her she bit my daughter's ear but now after some clicker training she loves to ride around the house on our shoulders and hasn't bit anyone since. She now steps up and steps down on command.  She was resistant at first and we realized that she may have thought if she gets picked up she is going in the cage.  Even if we need to put her in the cage right away we turn her away from the cage and talk to her and scratch her neck.  She is a little love bug.

Today I taught Mambo her first trick.  She can turn around on command.  She learned this trick in about 6 minutes. We use clicker training and we have to give all of the credit.

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