Tuesday, January 01, 2013

The little things in life

Ever since I was diagnosed with cancer I have paid more attention to how the little things in life make me feel. For instance, these are my new ski socks. I have had a terrible time finding socks that have a true seamless toe and a fine knit so that my ankles don't rub raw. I got these for 40% off in the after Christmas sale at Al's and it's amazing how something this small can change a life. You laugh but my goals this year are simple. Spend more time being a good wife and a good mom. That's what matters to me. And we love to ski as a family. I've skied since I was 13 and my parents gave me a season pass to Hillberg. Yah, Hillberg. It was our hang out in 8th, 9th, and 10th grade. My mom would drop us off and then pick me up and my friends and drop them all off. In college I decided to take a semester ski class at Targhee. Best day of my week. I got straight A's that semester and plenty of sunshine. So now I take my kids skiing and we all get a bunch of sunshine and exercise. And the perfect ski sock will allow me to spend more time on the slopes and have more fun with my family. I should have bought a few more than just one pair. Anyone want to buy me another pair? My birthday is Saturday!

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