Friday, January 04, 2013

Sea World

I'd never been to Sea World before so this was an adventure.  We saw 90% of the exhibits before we left for the night. We stopped at California Pizza Kitchen across from the San Diego Temple for dinner and I had the best salad I've ever tasted.
 The penguin exhibit was a lot smaller than I expected but they were still cute.

The Shamu show was great but a little slow.  And when they say SOAK ZONE, they mean soak, not splash. And they are serious.  

I loved the macaws in the Pet show.

And the first whales we saw were the beluga whales. They were so pretty.  One was even feeding a baby.  

The dolphin show the best of the shows as far as what the animals could do.

And the kids had a great time with the manta rays.

There weren't any this big in there but we had a great time petting them.  They are super soft and smooth.

We enjoyed The Polar Express 4-D and it was cool because it was our first 4-D experience.  By the time we got done with all of the parks I was tired of getting sprayed in the face.  

We purchased a drink when we got there and then refills were 99 cents.  I had a hard time convincing my family that root beer outside of Utah has caffeine in it. It was mostly a sprite day.

This was the Shamu Christmas show.  The live choir and sign language choir was great.

And we loved all the Christmas decor.

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