Sunday, November 04, 2012

Just a reminder

Some of you said to remind you of this when it gets closer to Christmas.  I want to give you enough time to plan it.  So this is what our neighborhood does each year:
Plan a neighborhood party
Do NOT take around neighborhood gifts.
Save your money and donate it to the gift box

The funds are then used to take care of a family in the area that needs items for Christmas. This is so much better than making neighbor gifts, running around in the ice and snow, and having plates of junk food stacked up in your home.  You get to meet and talk with your neighbors in a warm setting, get new soup recipes, and take care of someone in need.

Everyone brings soup
Everyone brings a small dessert 
(this year we had people bring something to dip in the chocolate fountain)

The committee provided the bread and salad 
(we could have lived without the salad - bread was enough)
The committee decorated using stuff from home - that means FREE
The committee provided plasticware, bowls, plates, cups, and napkins
The committee provided the minute to win it games for the children.
We borrowed tablecloths from the church. 
We hand delivered the invites printed on paper.

I provided the marshmallows

We had a great time and everything was super yummy.
Afterward we put everything away, vacuumed, and got the full refund from the community center.

And the best part, let me remind you again, we raised hundreds of dollars to take care of a family in need.

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