Friday, November 02, 2012

Helping Hands ...

Are you looking for a way to help the victims of Sandy without padding someone's pocketbook?

Two of the reasons to donate through LDS Charities (Humanitarian Aid):

#1) every dollar donated is used to help those in need without regard to race, religion, or ethnic origin
#2) LDS Charities helps people attain self-sufficiency so they can be self-reliant long after Charity departs

The missionaries you see in the above photo are paying their own way to serve as missionaries. They are strong and healthy and hard working.  And right now they are also donating their time to help the relief effort. In fact I did that during my mission.  I served in D.C. and just a few days before I was to return home after 18 months of service, there was a huge messy ice storm that left us without power for 3 days. Check out the article on help after Sandy here.  You can click the Donate Online button at the bottom of the page - so scroll down, it's there!

If you are still worried about donating money but would like to donate item you can purchase and put together here is a great option:  


Hygiene Kits 

Placed in a bag.

Newborn Kits

And school kits

Medical Modules and new Quilts are also accepted.

Completed items may also be taken to the nearest Deseret Industries store or bishops’ storehouse. Locations of Deseret Industries stores and bishops’ storehouses may be found by calling (801) 240-5954

We all have to give up something we want in order to help.
Take my daughter for example.  Instead of asking for gifts for her birthday, she asked the kids to bring the items needed to make hygiene kits.  

It was her birthday and she wanted to help.  Just look at that smile! Best birthday ever.  And it was all her idea too! In fact, I was a little worried about how to pull this off but we did it. And her friends had a blast.  We had pizza and cake and ice cream and decorations, and I supplied any items that were missing. 

We also made the Infant Humanitarian Kits.  Some of us ladies at church sewed the blankets in the cultural hall (church gym) and the cute little gowns.  Many people donated supplies like the 2 gallon zip bags, diaper pins, socks, etc. And the children spent the morning assembling the kits.  

So if you have any questions on how to get started see the GUIDE and where to ship them.  If you'd like to know more about what we did just leave me a comment.

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