Saturday, November 17, 2012

Decorative frozen whipped cream for Hot Cocoa

We still have snow on the ground at house although it is starting to melt fast now.  We had about a week of really cold weather after it snowed which means my husband and children consumed amazing amounts of Stephen Hot Cocoa in Milk Chocolate.  I must use real milk and cocoa and sugar.
 Many of you know that I have a lot of food allergies.  This means I make most everything from scratch and I like time savers whenever possible.  For some reason they add Soy Lecithin or Tocopheral Acetate to the whipped cream that you get in a spray can - that is if you can find the kind made with real cream.  If you find the kind that says Tastes Like Real Cream then it probably has Palm Kernal Oil in it which is a big problem for me.  Sooooo ...  real heavy cream is what we use and whip our own.
 I used the extra large tip and that meant I needed to buy a new coupler.  I only have the kind for cookie decorating.
 I placed the whip cream roses on a silpat on a cookie sheet and then placed them in the freezer.
 After freezing I used my handy dandy cutco spatula and placed them on a piece of parchment in a rubbermaid container and then put them back in the freezer.

Seriously so easy and now they are ready in an instant for any hot cocoa craving that comes our way!

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