Friday, November 23, 2012

A Thankful Turkey

Maybe he is just thankful to be an ornament and not someone's dinner but he sure has been a fun part of our lives this November.  I cut out maple leaves using my Silhouette Cameo.  I wrote something we were grateful for on each leaf. Each day I would hide it somewhere in the house and my children would search for it and then read the tiny message.  

One day I let me son hide the turkey.  And this day I let my daughter hide the turkey.  This is a great hiding spot all nestled in among the winter garland and snowflakes. It's a fun tradition we'll carry on next year with slightly longer messages per leaf. Now I'm working on a paper scrapbook page (how long has it been???) using my silhouette cameo cutter and THIS for inspiration.  I cut a border and a banner, now I just need to cut a tree.  It's been really inspiring to find a way to preserve our gratitude.

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Jalane said...

I want to be as talented as you!!! You have so much energy and do everything perfect-I admire you and am slightly a good way though :)