Monday, October 29, 2012

Yellowstone National Park - the continuing story

I remember seeing really great muds pots back when I went with my husband's family to Yellowstone.  That was in the Spring of 1999.  So I wanted to share the mud pots with my kids because we had view most of the cool stuff in Yellowstone by this point in the trip.  Of course I am not showing these in the order they were taken.  

I just thought that boiling mud was fascinating for some reason.

This is in the Artist Paint Pots area but these are mud pots not paint pots.

The Artist Paint Pots were pretty and the walk up the side of the mountain was awe inspiring.  It's worth the little walk.  It was lovely to see the colors splashing all over.  Fascinating that there were bright blue, crimson, and chalk white pots while we were there.  You'll learn that the landscape is forever changing in Yellowstone.  Each visit offers something unique.

There are a lot of old dead trees in Yellowstone.  And it's not because of the big devastating fire in the 80's.  No, it's the boiling water.  Once in a while a small earthquake opens a new crack and everything starts to boil and the trees die from the intense heat.  The ground is unstable to you often get to see their roots, which fascinate me, being a gardener and all.  

This is the one I remember from 1999 except that is was more muddy back then.

It was amazing to be driving along and see the beautiful trees and then suddenly steam and a whole bunch of dead spots.  

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