Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Beeks in Yellowstone

      Here you can sort of see the Junior Ranger vests my children wore the entire trip.  Whenever there was a Ranger around, they always complimented their vests.  That was wonderful because it kept them interested in the Junior Ranger program.
      This is just one of the side road areas in Yellowstone.  Quite often you'll find that there area little gems along the way if you'll slow down and check things out.  Tyler and our son climbed down and took photos at the bottom of this waterfall.

This is at the visitor center at Moose Junction in the Grand Teton National Park.  We spent about an hour there so they could fill out the scavenger hunt in the museum to get their Junior Ranger badges.  

This is near the Mud Volcano, something about a breathing dragon.  

And we can't forget the view of Lower Falls from the Artist View Point.


And the North Entrance, very grand for such a remote spot in the park.

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Jalane said...

Great pictures! Im loving your hair a little darker :)