Saturday, October 20, 2012

Yellowstone in 3 days ...

We spent three days visiting Yellowstone National Park and just got home tonight. In fact we picked up dinner on the way home and purchased some extra for the in-laws for watching our parrot Kiwi while we were gone.  

It's the first time our children have been to Yellowstone.  I was pregnant with my daughter the last time we came. The Artist Viewpoint is significant for us because that is where Tyler and I had our engagement photo taken almost 14 years ago.

What's your favorite place to visit in Yellowstone? 

What's your favorite trail to hike?  We finally went on Uncle Tom's trail and it is breathtaking - and our new favorite trail.

Since we've been home we've been busy unpacking, ironing church clothes, and playing games with Kiwi.

We had a great time and I'll be sharing more photos very soon! 

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Jalane said...

Glad you enjoyed uea :) I haven't been to Yellowstone since before I had kids so I couldn't tell you my favorite thing...maybe I better go! Can't wait to read about it and see pictures! I have actually been thinking about you all day-hope your good :)