Thursday, August 02, 2012

Canning Green Beans

 I canned green beans this week.  I showed a more step by step version last year - see HERE and HERE. It's finally starting to become second nature.

Boil the beans for 5 minutes and then place them in the colander. 

Added a tsp of canning salt per quart

Add boiling water and remove air bubbles with spatula.

Add the lids after simmering them.

Can you see the steam coming out.  Once it pops up the steam starts coming out of the right vent.  Then it's 10 minutes of venting before applying the weight to build pressure.

Kiwi hung out on my harvest basket while I canned.

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rmgales said...

Still haven't gotten up the nerve to use a pressure canner. I'll be using the old water bath canner for mine. I'm waiting for my pole beans to produce. Lots of flowers, but no beans.