Sunday, March 04, 2012

Long Term Water Storage

I've been interested in storing water in my home incase of an emergency.  

You see, if our electricity goes out, so does the pump to our well.  If the pump in the well goes out, no water. If the wires to the well go bad - no water (just ask my neighbor). If we have a serious earthquake the well could be permanently damaged. This means no flushing toilets, no washing dishes, you get the idea.

We are NOT on city water.  

I've looked at several types of containers such as the 55 gallon drum, aqua paks, and these water bricks.  

55 gallon drum 

 Impossible to move once it is filled with water
Difficult to store several in our small mechanical room
Awkward shape
huge mess if it spills
But it would have some water pressure if we used the attachable hose
$50 at Smithfield Implement 

aqua pak

7.5 gallon size or 5 gallon size would be easier to carry
Easier to rotate the water supply
you can only stack them 2 high or they will split
$13.95 for 5 gallon at

water brick

heavy duty and bpa free
can also be used to store grains and legumes
3.5 gallon - even I could carry that and rotate the water supplied in them
stack them 10 feet up and they hold up  - you can even make a house out of them - I thought you'd get a laugh out of that one
small enough to stick anywhere
I don't have to store them all in the mechanical room - I can put a couple under the sink in each bathroom.
$16.95 at Shelf Reliance

Check it out - it even comes in CAMO - perfect for camping and we love camping!

What have you used in the past to store water?  I could store water in soda bottle - but we really don't drink that much soda.  And they don't stack. 

So what do you think of these bricks?  Have you seen any other great ideas you could share with me? The price makes my heart skip a beat but I think that maybe it means they will last longer, they are made with a more environmentally friendly material, and well, they use space efficiently. Am I jumping the gun here? Or do these really make sense?

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Jalane said...

Gosh im with ya on this. We have all our old soda bottles filled but thats it. I need to look more into storeing water also. Let me know what you findout. I havent heard of the water bricks-they dont sound too bad! The soda bottles do take up all our storage floor so im with ya on the they dont stack part. Its all so overwhelming to me :)