Monday, March 05, 2012

Harvest Monday - March 5, 2012

This is my garden on Friday - looking west. Most of the snow fell in one night.

This is my garden last week:

And here is a pretty photo of the long shadows in the winter Friday morning.

March 1st I spent the day planting seeds for peppers and heirloom tomatoes because Hot Peppers take 12-14 weeks before they can be transplanted outside.  Sweet Peppers take 10 weeks around here. And once I take all of the cold weather veggies outside and away from the sprouting station I will transplant the sweet peppers into 9" pots.

I brought the seed starting mix in from the garage in the 5 gallon bucket.  Then I added water and used my spade to add it into the pots.
 I planted 12 jalapenos, 12 bell peppers, 4 serrano peppers, and 2 cayenne peppers. 

I'm also going to try growing Baby Bok Choy this year.

And in these 6 inch pots I planted heirloom tomatoes which also take a lot longer to sprout and they are pretty slow growing.  I collected the seeds from last year.  This year I purchased seeds for Cherokee Purple which I've never grown before but I've seen that it's quite popular among gardeners.  While I absolutely adore eating Pink Brandywine tomatoes, I do love bottling tomato juice and making my own crush tomato sauce with roasted garlic (my mouth is watering).

Not quite sure why I started my romas.  huh. Early Girls will get planted the first of April.

I purchased the 3 inch peat pots in a pack of 22 for $1.50

Check out Daphne's Dandelions for more great garden ideas!


Barbie said...

And the spring madness has begun- even when it's snow on the ground. :-)

Mary Hysong said...

Ah the promise of spring and little seeds. My mouth waters for the taste of fresh tomatoes and basil even as I enjoy my hardy greens...

Andrea said...

Oh such beautiful photos......and the promise of spring just around the corner........

Robin said...

Oh boy, it's so exciting when the first seeds are sown! Here's to a bountiful gardening season for all!

rmgales said...

Let the gardening begin. That's a lot of peppers. I'll be planting my seeds this week-end, I'm so excited. This is my first attempt, so wish me well.