Friday, September 30, 2011

Harvest - uhm not quite monday

I didn't quite get this done for harvest Monday.  But my neighbor said I could go get as many peppers and tomatillos as I wanted because they were out of jars.  They grow over 80 tomato plants.  I didn't even count the pepper plants.  The left 3 bags are Serrano chilies. The front red is chopped salsa peppers that he didn't know the name of.  The right two bags are jalapenos.  The far right bags are tomatillos.  He said to just throw them in the freezer and pull them out as I want to make salsa this winter.  Yum! He also have me the gourds.  One of his pumpkins crossed with the gourds and is all warty and about 4x's the size of the other pumpkins.  It's going to look cool on their porch.  

I bout that tall metal bucket for $1.  It was blue.  I spray painted it black and it works perfectly with my harvest decor.  

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Jalane said...

Looks darling! I LOVE fall and pumpkins and all the decor that comes with it!