Tuesday, August 02, 2011


This is a Spirit Bush pumpkin.  It's a bush type of course, which means they take up less space.  And it seems to produce two perfect looking pumpkins per bush.  They were pretty small the week before.  And now they are bigger than a softball.  Of course I took these photos on the 24th of July.  I just took a lot of photos and its taking me this long to share.

You can see the 5 spirit bushes here and one little pumpkin enjoying some sun.

Here is the east pumpkin patch next to the green onions on the back upper tier.

And here is one sugar pie pumpkin.  We'll see if I get any pumpkins on the vine type this year.  Last year they started about September.  Too late.  They didn't even reach baseball size before the frost hit.

And here is a small Spirit Bush pumpkin hiding away in the leaves.  I just really liked the way the shadows fell across it.

And here is the West side pumpkin patch.  I planted these a little late and they just don't want to grow. Even with fertilizer! I tilled around them the other day.  I need to take the herbicide to that mess at the end.  I hate bind weed.  It looks like morning glory.  Only it's worse and it's roots can take up to 50 years to kill. I grew two yellow crook neck squash this year and they are just starting to grow squash.  I'm thinking kabobs would be great - someday. 

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