Monday, August 01, 2011

Green Tomatoes

I'm looking forward to my tomatoes this year.  I decided to try a few heirloom tomatoes.  I want to be able to preserve some of my own seeds.  I love starting my own tomatoes.  I spent $4/ plant for 2 plants at Walmart this year and started 12 Early Girl and 8 Roma tomatoes for much less than $8.  

This first one is a Bonnie Red Beefsteak. It's in a powder coated heavy duty cage that cost somewhere around $19 each.  Now I wish I had made something taller from a cattle panel. It's covered with blossoms and has plenty of fruit starting to set.

This one is a Bonnie Brandywine. It's slower than the beefsteak.

This is an Early Girl.  I got the seeds from Anderson Seed and Garden. I love these but not for slicing.

Here it is peaking out of the cage. 

Just another view of the Early Girl.

And here you can see the Early Girls in the left two rows and one dill and the Roma's on the right.  The Red Beefsteak and the Pink Brandywine are in my square foot garden clear across the yard.  We are on a half acre on a hillside so I am limited on space.  My row garden is 15x40 and my square foot garden is 10x3. Not sure on the size of the corn patch. I am looking to eek more space out where I can.  

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rmgales said...

I planted Roma and Amish Paste tomatoes for my sauces this year. My Amish Paste is so huge, I think it's about to topple the cage. I purchased heavy duty cages from Tractor Supply, so glad I did. All of my vines are loaded. I'm going to try Brandywine next year, but I love the Celebrity and Better Boys as slicers. Now I want a BLT, lol.