Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Garden critters

Click on this first one to see the first garden critter.  She's a good one.  Lady bugs are wonderful! I saw plenty of them this week.  This photo looks like I used flash but I didn't.  The clouds were moving so fast that my aperture priority had a hard time figuring things out.

And I've also seen plenty of these.  What are they? And why are they eating EVERYTHING? Seriously.  I found them munching on my jalapeno plants and I rarely see anything on those.  They are everywhere I look and that means the road, the house, at the neighbors.They love onions too.  Tomatoes, yep. Pumpkins, yes sir. Cabbage - for sure. Green beans - it's eating a stem that ended up on the back porch.  Can I repel them somehow? 

1 comment:

Jalane said...

All I have to say to all your posts is YUMMY!!!!! Good job Laura! And for the bugs, I would be mad too. Go to ANdersons and ask them :-) Good luck with them!