Monday, July 25, 2011

Incredible Corn Progress

The corn is Incredible.  I mean the name of the corn is Incredible.  It's an enhanced sweet corn like Ambrosia, only bigger.  And the corn stalks are a little more sturdy.  I have had to side dress it though because I did not get the stuff in the ground before planting. 

A fun close up of the corn stalk leaves.  And as you can see on my side bar I have added a few links to gardens I watch.  I realized as I looked through them that I need to show the progress of my plants.  I haven't done that much in the past.  I think it's because I thought that the harvest was the most interesting part.  So my challenge is to take more fascinating photos of their progress. 

There are only 5 rows but they are bigger than what I've grown before.  And I am no longer taking the time to boil and cut the corn off the husk.  I will blanch them and then freeze them on the cob.  My family prefers it and it's so much easier. I read recently that home gardeners biggest mistake is to make one or two long rows of corn.  They do better with 3 or more rows in a short rectangular shape.  So it sounds like we are still okay.

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rmgales said...

The corn is looking great. I just read an article on planting corn in short rows instead of long rows, and leaving the husk on when freezing. I plant to put a few rows next year. My grandson looks corn on the cob. What is the name of the corn you're growing?