Sunday, July 24, 2011


I'm very lucky to live in a place where I can go camping during the summer.  I am even more lucky to be married to a man who is a much better photographer than I am, technically speaking. No way could I even capture an image like this - campfire, glowing tents, silhouetted trees, and yes - STARS.  Just click on the first image to see it larger.  The stars show up better.

Here is one of the lakes we hiked to.  The kiddos did great and it was a pleasant temperature.  The mosquitos loved it too.  This time the repellent only kept them 3 inches from our face - don't breath too deeply in swarms like that! But it was gorgeous.  We were there only a week before and it looked like this. That kind of melting explains why the reservoir we live near is still filled to capacity.

 And I love this photo with the moon in it.  That is why the sky was so light in the first image and even some bright light on the trunks of trees. But the first photo takes the cake!


Jalane said...

You make camping in a tent look easy :) Looks beautiful where your at, even your little camp set up looks perfect!

The Grounds Family said...

Laura, that first photo is a stock photo to say the least! Enter it in one of the Federal Parks Photo contests to be featured on an annual pass! I wish I had the link, but, and the national parks site should. We gave up tent camping several years ago, living in WA you get rained on on every camping trip. We loved camping at Bear Lake and would love to camp in Utah again some day.